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Our Doula Care Package is our full service option for expectant parents, and is our most popular package.  You start with our top of the line Doula Service, and add in our highly recommended Childbirth Education Classes.  Additionally, Doula View will provide you with a 4 hour postpartum care service.  Does it get any better than this?


*Doula Services
*Childbirth Education Classes
*4 hour block Postpartum Care




Doula Service


When it comes to selecting a doula in the Metro Atlanta, there are a lot of amazing and qualified choices, but Doula View goes a step above and beyond.  Doula View was designed with a higher-income client in mind.  We offer a service that is tailored to mothers who are used to being pampered, and we aim to help you craft the birth that works for you.  


Photography Sessions

$50/ 1hr Session

At Doula View, our photographers put care and detail into every photo shoot they do, and ALL they do are pregnancy and newborn photography.


You can choose to have pictures taken prenatal, during the birth,  or after your precious newborn has arrived - or many families opt to do all three.  

Your session begins with a phone consultation with your photographer, during which, you will discuss location, outfits, and other details that will make your photography session a hit.


Our photographers are incredibly creative, and your hour long session will not only include some of the standard shots done for pregnancies and with newborns, but will also capture many poses and shots that you are not likely to get with less experienced photographers.  

Each photography package comes with basic photo editing, and a disk with 20-30 professionally finished digital photographs for you to have printed or to publish online. Unlike other photographers, we give you the digitals and you can do with them what you want.  There is no additional cost, and no limit to what you can do with them.  You own the proofs.


Doula Services

$50/ 1hr block

Ongoing support after your child is born is known as a Postpartum Doula.  For any Doula View client who is interested in this kind of assistance, We handle all Postpartum Support for our cherished Doula View clients. Postpartum services usually entail a visit from your doula once or twice a week for a 4 hour block.  Postpartum Doulas offer parental counseling, parenting advice, help with bonding, basic housekeeping, cooking a meal, running errands, or just a shoulder to cry on.

Lactation Counseling

$50/ Session

You've heard the horror stories from the older women in your life. Breastfeeding is painful.  There is chafing.  It is a chore.  It is easier to just bottle feed.  None of that is true!  If there is pain involved in breast feeding, SOMETHING IS WRONG.  When babies properly latch, it is a positive experience for both mother and baby, and there should be no pain or chafing.


Breastfeeding is best.  Breast milk offers a bevy of nutrients and immunity boosters that are simply not found in baby formula. Breast feeding is cleaner.  No need to wash those bottles.  Breast feeding is cheaper.  No formula to buy.  Breast feeding is portable. No need to haul around extra bottles and formua when you are away from home.  


Babies are born knowing what to do, and in times gone by, lacation was a skill taught mother to daughter.  Somehow, we as a culture have forgotten these skills, and therefore get in the way of our babies being able to feed the way their instincts dictate.  A experienced lactation counselor can help determine what the issues are, and help you to create a positive environment in which to provide the breast milk that will give your baby the best possible nutrients for a healthier life.

If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it"  
~ John H. Kennell, MD.

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